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Ways to Improve Door Security at Home

More than 1.4 million burglary cases are reported each year in the United States. This report is worrying and it is up to every individual to take the responsibility of ensuring that their doors are more secure. The following are tips on how to reinforce door security. To find more about burglary, read this informational guide.

One way you can boost the security of your door is to boost the strike plates of your door. Some doors can easily be broken down because they have weak jamb. There are several methods you can employ to boost the strength of jambs and strike plates. Strike plates are normally thin metal that fixes the door jamb with one-inch strike plate screw. Because the strike plate screws are not long enough, they are not able to pierce through the frame deep enough. To correct the mistake, one inch strike plate screws should be replaced with long three-inch deck screws.This informational guide takes you through door reinforcement using strike plates.
Secondly, you can reinforce the strength of your doors by improving the door frames. Strong door frame is the best way increase the security of your house apart from reinforcing the strike plates using strike screws. There is no single person in the world who likes the idea of his/her house being broken into and his/her privacy violated. Burglars find it easy to break into houses because the thickness of the door frame is one inch. One way you can boost the strength of your door is to add metal frame to your door frame. This informational guide demonstrates how to reinforce door frames.

Another way to reinforce your door security is to install a one-sided deadbolt. Deadbolts can be described as heavy-duty lock with a thick metal bar that is controlled by using spring mechanism which is activated using a key. One feature that makes deadbolt more secure than most of the locks is that it can only be seen from the interior making it difficult to destroy or pick. Because of this feature, they are more convenient to be used on the front doors.Use this informational guide to learn about different types of deadbolts

A smart lock can be installed on the door to improve security. Smart locks are used to lock and unlock deadbolt using the access codes without a key. There is no way this lock can be picked or bumped because it does not need a key to unlock or lock. Smart locks are affordable and available in most hardware. The keypad is for keying the security code. Another thing about the smart lock is that it can store keep up to twenty-five different codes.

Fifthly, you can reinforce the security of your door by installing a doorbell camera on your door. Some of the features of doorbell camera includes; video capability and sending notification. This kind of doorbell camera gives the ability to talk to any person standing in front of your door through the speaker from anywhere. More information regarding doorbell camera is found in this informational guide.